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Introduction of CSCMB

In Taiwan, there are approximately 50 Universities and Research Institutes comprised of about 230 departments and divisions with programs related to Cell Biology. To promote researches in the field of cellular and molecular biology in Taiwan, “the Chinese Society of Cell and Molecular Biology (CSCMB)” was instituted in 1989. Currently there are over 8,000 members and the President of the society is Dr. Ruey-Hwa Chen, Distinguished Research Fellow of Academia Sinica.

To promote interactions among researchers, CSCMB holds annual symposia including “Symposium on Recent Advances in Cellular and Molecular Biology” in winter and “Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical Sciences” in spring. Furthermore, CSCMB also holds “Across the Taiwan Strait Symposium on Cell Biology” twice in three years to promote interactions among scientists between Taiwan and Mainland China. In addition, CSCMB has also hosted and participated in “International Congress of Cell Biology” and “Congress of The Asian Pacific Organization for Cell Biology” taking place every four years

In order to encourage outstanding young researchers, CSCMB provides awards for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows to attend international conferences. In addition, there are two mechanisms to apply grants for international collaborations from Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. One is providing international transportation and living expenses; the other is a joint proposal, of which cost sharing is based on a cooperative agreement. Basically, researchers abroad need to identify collaborating researchers in Taiwan to apply for such grants. Furthermore, Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan also provides opportunities for foreign researchers to visit Taiwan for a period from two months to one year. The collaborating researchers in Taiwan are responsible for applying for such funding. The officers of CSCMB from various universities and institutes could be found on “Boards of Director/Supervisor” page.